Emergency Team

New Emergency Department to open

A new Bundaberg Emergency department will open at the Friendly Society Private Hospital in September.

The Friendlies CEO Alan Cooper said the decision to open this exciting new service came from patient feedback.

“For more than 14 years The Friendlies has operated the After Hours as a service to the community. However in the past few years we have been hearing increasing requests from our patients to open a more comprehensive service,” Mr Cooper said.

To make way for the new Emergency Department, the Friendlies After Hours Medical Service is now permanently closed.

“The Friendlies Emergency Department will be located where the current After Hours and Wide Bay Anaesthesia Specialists rooms are. To allow for the refurbishment, Wide Bay Anaesthesia Specialists will be relocated to The Friendlies Medical Suites at the end of May, and the Afterhours Service has already closed,” Mr Cooper said.

The new emergency department will be open seven days a week from 8am to 8pm and will be available to all patients, as no private health will be required.

“We are excited to open this new service as we receive a lot of feedback requesting an emergency service or a way to access The Friendlies directly, without going through Bundaberg Hospital,” Mr Cooper said.

“Once The Friendlies emergency department is open, patients requiring an ambulance may be able to be brought to The Friendlies directly, simply by indicating their choice of hospital to the Queensland Ambulance Service.

“This will not only benefit patients who choose to be treated at The Friendlies Emergency Department, but it will also be able to take some of the burden off the increasing demands on the Bundaberg Hospital service.”

For more information about the new Emergency Department or to be kept updated about the service, visit our website thefriendlies.org.au/emergency.