VIP Priority Access Card

Over recent times many of our loyal patients have experienced difficulties in being admitted to the Hospital of their choice when needing hospitalisation. We have listened to patient feedback regarding their healthcare needs and developed a hassle free way for their wishes to be actioned through the VIP Priority Access Card.

This card provides patients with the power to choose the Friendly Society Private Hospital and acts as a treatment directive, representing patient choice and clear instructions that when faced with an unplanned hospital admission your wish is to be admitted to the Friendly Society Private Hospital over other facilities.

In the event of an unplanned admission via the Ambulance Service or emergency department, if possible, pass or show this card to the staff treating you. In most cases it will be necessary to see a GP prior to admission, unless you are a cardiac patient. Admission to the Friendly Society Private Hospital will be dependent on your medical condition.

The Friendly Society Private Hospital is able to admit, treat and care for patients 24 hours a day. Unplanned admissions are to be made via the Ambulance Service, once you have called 000. If you have questions about the VIP Priority Access Card or know of somebody who would also like to be issued with one please contact Stuart Bonnett at the Friendly Society Private Hospital on 07 4331 1266 or send an enquiry using the form below.

Admission to the Hospital cannot occur without approval from your treating Doctor

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