Our performance

Our commitment to Friendly Quality Healthcare.

Measuring the quality of our healthcare is important because it tells us how our systems and standards are performing and leads to improved care for our patients and community.

We believe that we are accountable to you, our patient, and with this in mind we have developed The Friendlies Performance Summary.

Criteria Friendlies
Customer Satisfaction – Hospital 1 89.7% 84.9%
Customer Satisfaction – Day Surgery Unit 1 90.8% 87.8%
Customer Satisfaction 2 95% 85%
Staff Trained & Competent in Hand Hygiene Practice 3 93% NA
Hand Hygiene Compliance (audited) 6 84.2% 80%
Staff Trained & Competent in Basic Life Support 3 90% NA
Complaints Closure within 30 Days 3 70% NA
Pressure Injury Rate 4 0.05% 0.06%
Infections – Hip Surgery 4 0% 2.2%
Patient Fall Rate 4 0.24% 0.3%
Patient Fall Rate Resulting in Fracture or Injury 5 0.76% 1.62%

Reference National Comparative Data:

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  2. Responses in the Friendly Society Private Hospital Feedback Survey
  3. Friendly Society Private Hospital Data
  4. Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS).
  5. Chappell Dean/PotentialX Benchmarking
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Data Valid as of October, 2018

We are committed to being the Hospital of Choice for Friendly Quality Healthcare and we welcome your feedback. You can email us at quality@fsph.org.au.