Cold symptoms

Know the difference between a Cold and The Flu

People commonly refer to a cold as “having the Flu” but the symptoms are quite different. If you know and understand the signs and symptoms, it will better help you manage your illness. Vaccination against the seasonal flu can help. Find out more here, or speak to a pharmacist at Friendly Society Pharmacy today. Infographic courtesy of Healthdirect Australia.

Doctor works to restore sight to Cambodians

Dr David Merefield, from Coral Coast Anaesthesia, has recently returned from Cambodia, as part of the Cambodia Vision team who travel to the country annually to restore and treat sight and help return hundreds of Cambodians to work. The team consulted with more than 3600 patients, including children and performed 397 cataract, pterygium and other surgeries, provided 503 pairs of prescription glasses, donated more than 1000 pairs of reading glasses and 3500 pairs of sunglasses, as well as donating fiveMore

Hospital curtains recycled thanks to Boomerang Bag project

With Plastic Bags being banned in Queensland in 2018, the Friendly Society Private Hospital is doing its part to be environmentally conscious by recycling some unused fabrics, donating it to the Bundaberg Boomerang Bag project. Boomerang Bags take donations of fabric and recycles it to create shopping bags which are then given to shops for customers to take and keep, to encourage people to stop and think about their decision to use plastic bags when shopping. The Friendlies Environmental ServicesMore

$14,000 donation makes it easier on patients

Convenient for nurses and easier on patients, a new Bladder Scanner was delivered to Unit 3 of the Friendly Society Private Hospital, made possible by a grant from the St John’s Grace Fund. Unit 3 Nurse Unit Manager Donna Stallan said before bladder scanners, the only way nurses could check what was left in a patient’s bladder was to put in a catheter – an invasive and uncomfortable procedure. “These bladder scanners are great for patients, as they are notMore

Five years of life-saving service by The Friendlies Cath Lab

Almost 4500 life-saving procedures have been done in the Friendly Society Private Hospital’s Cath Lab, which has celebrated its 5th Birthday. The Cardiac Cath Lab is the only facility of its kind between the Sunshine Coast and Townsville, where cardiologists perform both diagnostic and interventional cardiac procedures such as angiograms and placement of stents. Friendly Society Private Hospital CEO Alan Cooper said it was amazing to see how far the service had come since opening in 2012. “The number ofMore