solar installation

National First for hospital as The Friendlies ensures environmental sustainability with solar electricity and hot water

What is believed to be the largest solar energy system on a hospital in Australia will be installed at the Friendly Society Private Hospital during the next three months. The project will see the installation of 1253 individual 435w panels on all available roof space of the hospital and maintenance shed, with a total system size of 545kW. Friendly Society Private Hospital Business Development Manager Stuart Bonnett said the solar system was an investment of more than $1M, and wasMore

RICER and No HARM treatments for soft tissue injuries

One of the most common treatment recommendations for a soft tissue injury is the RICER method and No HARM Protocol.  R.I.C.E.R Method: (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, Referral) The RICER method is an effective procedure used in the initial treatment of a soft tissue injury. Rest: It is suggested that you take a break from the activity that caused the injury in order to give the injury time to heal. Ice: The injury should be iced on and off in 20More

Four recovery stages of a soft tissue injury

Sport is a great way to have fun, keep fit and stay active, but what do you do when physical activity causes an ache or pain? To prevent further injury, or to get you back to your normal activity level, Friendlies Physiotherapy Service head physiotherapist Matt Churchill said a staged rehabilitation was needed. “They are the damage limitation phase, retraining phase, restoration of normal movement and then sport specific retraining,” Mr Churchill said. Damage limitation phase This starts immediately followingMore

The 8th Annual Friendlies Cane2Coral Fun Run offers participants beautiful coastal views

The Friendlies Cane2Coral was launched today, taking place on Sunday, August 6. New Scenic Course “If you haven’t already heard, there is new scenic course this year which will offer our 21.1km half marathon, 10km and 4km participants stunning views of our beautiful coastline,” Cane2Coral Race Director, Bob Cremer said. “The 21.1km will start at the Bundaberg Port Marina and initially head toward the Port Road for 5 1/2 km passing our Iconic Cane Fields, we had to keep some cane in there, then return to the PortMore
Jackie Emery

Patients are always at centre of nursing care

While a lot may have changed in the 34 years since Jackie Emery became a nurse, there is one thing that she says will never change – putting the patient first. The Friendly Society Private Hospital clinical operations manager Jackie Emery began her career in Bundaberg in January 1983. Celebrating International Nurses Day today (Friday, May 12), Mrs Emery said nursing had changed a lot in the past three decades. “I think the change in nursing has been a constantMore