The future growth of The Friendlies

It has been a very busy 12 weeks for the new Friendlies CEO, Simone Finch; “Thanks to the extended handover period with Alan Cooper, I have felt supported to hit the ground running in the new role. I have loved getting to know the staff members and patients alike. The Bundaberg community have made me feel very welcome, and I look forward to building on those relations in the local community.”   Part of that is the beginnings of anMore
Sports injury physiotherapy for peak game fitness

Sports injury physiotherapy for peak game fitness

with Physiotherapist Sara Atkinson from Friendlies Physiotherapy & Allied Health Maintaining peak physical fitness and effectively managing injuries is crucial for any sportsperson, whether you’re playing at a local, regional or professional level. One of the most valuable people to have on your team as an athlete is a sports physiotherapist. A sports physio can help you manage pain and injuries, regain peak game fitness and offer tools to prevent a recurrence. What is sports physiotherapy? Sports physiotherapy is aMore

NDIS changes mid cost AT limit to $15,000 – no quote needed

It’s now easier to purchase mid-cost assistive technology (AT) with your NDIS funds. The NDIS has changed the upper limit for mid-cost AT from $5,000 to $15,000. That means you no longer have to obtain a quote for items up to $15,000. The NDIS will approve those purchases automatically. It’s important to note that you still need to meet all the requirements for using your NDIS funds and obtain written advice from an AT advisor before purchase. What is assistiveMore
How To Use A Walking Stick Safely

​​How to use a walking stick safely

Walking sticks are essential mobility aids for many people. But like any mobility aid, walking sticks should be used with care. Before getting started, it’s worth taking the time to learn how to use the assistive device safely and prevent injuries. A walking stick should be used as an aid only, not as the primary source of mobility support. If you find yourself relying heavily on a walking stick to get around, you may need to consider a rollator orMore
Choosing the best walking stick for your needs

Choosing the best walking stick for your needs

Walking sticks support people who have difficulty walking due to balance problems, weakness, pain or injury. Walking sticks can be an excellent aid for stability and balance. Often, they’re helpful for people recovering from surgery or injuries. They can also support weakened hips, knees and ankles by transferring pressure into the stick via your arms. There are many different types of walking sticks on the market. Everyone’s needs are different, so it’s essential to buy the right walking stick thatMore