Our Services

We provide total, quality care.

When you choose The Friendlies, you have access to a wide range of specialists who work from within the hospital’s medical precinct or who visit the hospital regularly. Find out more about individual specialties on our Clinical and Medical Services page, or visit our Specialist Directory for doctor information and contact details.

We also have a number of inpatient and outpatient services based at the hospital for your convenience, including the Friendly Society Pharmacy and The Friendlies Physiotherapy Service, which incorporates the allied health services of physiotherapists, occupational therapist and dietitian. Our allied health professionals see patients during their hosptial stay, as well as by appointment.

Did you know The Friendlies is a not-for-profit organisation and receives no government funding? That is why we have The Friendlies Foundation, the charitable and fundraising arm of the Friendly Society Private Hospital. The Friendlies Foundation is a way for the community to give back to the hospital and help us expand our services, upgrade equipment and continue to provide the best possible care for our patients.


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