Code of conduct

The Code of Conduct sets out the way we conduct ourselves at The Friendlies and is based on the six values which inform and guide our behaviour at all times.

  • We behave in a way that upholds The Friendlies values, integrity and good reputation.
  • We comply with reasonable direction given by someone who has the authority to give direction.
  • We ensure proper use of The Friendlies resources at all times.
  • We maintain the privacy and confidentiality of The Friendlies and its clients.
  • We maintain conduct free from alcohol or substance abuse/misuse and which helps maintain the personal work performances and safety of self and others.
  • We behave in a manner free from harassment, intimidation, overbearing, bullying or physically / emotionally threatening.
  • We maintain a standard of conduct free from negative discrimination.
  • We adopt professional communication free from offence and swearing.
  • We act with care and diligence in the course of The Friendlies
  • We carry out duties in a professional, responsible and conscientious manner.
  • We consider the impact of decisions on the wellbeing of others.
  • We are responsible and prompt in dealing with others.
  • We foster comradeship among The Friendlies staff members.
  • We treat all contacts with courtesy and fairness.
  • We respect the personal beliefs held by others.
  • We are alert to the sensitivities of others and refrain from behaviour which may cause offence.
  • We act in such a way as to secure a positive reputation and/or career prospects of other staff members.
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