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The Friendly Society Private Hospital is an increasingly popular destination for international healthcare professionals. Most of our international applicants are attracted to our facility for its level of sophistication coupled with the lifestyle benefits of living in the Bundaberg region.

Here is a brief overview and a simple checklist of how to proceed with obtaining sponsorship as a Nurse or Doctor to work within Australia at the Friendly Society Private Hospital.

Friendly Society Private Hospital Requirements:

1.  Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)- www.ahpra.gov.au

This application will require your:

Demographic details – identification particulars
Competence for practice information, and
Application details complying with the Nursing Act 1992 legislation where you’ll need details of your education, training to submit with your registration application.
This will be required to perform work within the Friendly Society Private Hospital, therefore all relevant charges need to be finalised.

2.  Hospital Working Visa Application

The hospital will complete a Form 1196 sponsoring temporary overseas employees to Australia with particular details of the intended employee to the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs, for approved applicants. This is performed electronically/online.

During the completion of this form, the following details are required; full name, date of birth, residential address, contact details, including office and after-hours contact telephone numbers.
The hospital requires your work history to ascertain the level of technical skill and hence your remuneration, therefore, you need to supply a certificate of service from your previous employer if possible.

3.  Nominee Working Visa Application

The applicant will be required to complete an application for a Temporary Business (long stay)Visa via a Form 1066. We prefer, as do the Australian Department of Immigration, electronic applications over the internet via their secure website.

Term of Employment

To be successfully sponsored you will need to be in agreement with the hospital on the length of stay that you wish to undertake, with the maximum length of stay being up to four years.

Lodgement of Visa Application

The lodgement of both the Hospital’s and your Visa application must be to the same location, for instance, if an electronic application is preferred, both applications must be submitted using this same media. Where the application is conducted by surface mail then the destination application centre must be the same.

All relevant charges must be paid with the application. This can be obtained from page four on the document Form 990i – Fees and Charges located at this address Immigration fees and charges.

Visa applications must be lodged in Australia or via the Departments Web Site (preferred option). You need not be physically in Australia at the time.


Should you have dependents (spouse and/or children) that will be travelling/staying in Australia whilst in employment with the Friendly Society Private Hospital, their personal details are also required, such as their names and date of birth. They will be required to be noted on both the Nomination Sponsorship Application completed by us (FSPH) and you the Visa applicant.

Health and Character Requirements

Since the position operates within a healthcare environment the following medical checklist will be required.

  • Chest x-ray
  • HIV, Hepatitis B & C tests

The visa application form has character questions to complete and should the department question these statements or require further validation then police certificates may be requested. Should police certificates be requested, the department may request certificates for each country in which you have resided for more than 12 months during the past 10 years.

Checklist to ensure a smooth visa application

  • Certified Documents that prove the applicant’s identity – preferably a certified copy of their birth registration showing both parents’ names. If this is not available, applicants must provide a certified copy of at least one of the following documents: passport identification page, a family book showing both parents names, identification document issued by the applicant’s government or a document issued by a court that verifies the applicant’s identity. If still unable to provide these documents, other evidence that proves the applicant’s identity that is acceptable to the department must be provided.
  • For any applicant who is, or has been married – certified copies of all marriage certificates.
  • For any applicant who has been divorced or widowed – certified copy of either divorce decree absolute or death certificate of the deceased spouse.
  • For any applicant who has changed his or her name, for example by marriage or deed poll – a certified copy of evidence of the name change.
  • For any child included on the application – certified copies of birth certificates or the family book, showing names of both parents. Unless both parents are in the application, for any child under 18 years of age – certified copies of documents that verify custody and access arrangements. For an adopted child in the application – certified copies of all adoption papers.
  • Evidence of Qualifications
  • Reference from previous employers
  • If dependants were not included on previous nomination application, a letter of confirmation from the employer that those dependants are covered by this nomination
  • Evidence of eligibility from registration to work in the nominated occupation.
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