Veterans Services

The Friendly Society Private Hospital has a long and privileged association with veterans and their families. We have been treating and caring for veterans of all ages over the past 75 years and have a strong association with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The Friendlies is a DVA contracted private hospital, meaning we are able to offer eligible veterans surgery and treatment of most conditions upon presentation of a gold card. However, in some cases prior approval may be required, white cardholders should confirm their eligibility with DVA to ensure treatment costs will be met. For more information or clarification please contact our Veteran Liaison Officer, Annette Marano on 07 4331 1678.

In honour of our veterans and the sacrifices, they have made and continue to make we have a dedicated hallway of remembrance at the hospital. Located just to the left of the main reception desk, we invite you to wander through the hallway when you are next visiting The Friendlies. We hope to expand this dedication and therefore welcome suggestions and submissions.

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