Accredited Health Practitioner Application

The Friendly Society Private Hospital is a progressive organisation and works with many professional health practitioners not only in Bundaberg but throughout Queensland.

If you are interested in partnering with us please review the information available on our site as well as the following documents.

FSPH Bylaws     Medical Officer’s Code of Conduct

FSPH Clinical Governance Processes

Licensed Scope of Services – Hospital     Licensed Scope of Services – Surgical

Licensed Scope of Services – Paediatrics

More information about the business opportunities at The Friendlies, please contact our Senior Manager of Business Development Stuart Bonnett on 4331 1266 or email

All accredited practitioners who successfully partner with us, abide by the following documents (Bylaws, Code of Conduct and Licensed Scope of Services).

More information is available upon request by contacting Executive Services on 4331 1030 or email

The Friendlies Health Practitioner Application Form

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