How To Arrange An Admission

How to admit a patient to The Friendlies:

1). For a General Practitioner to have a patient admitted to The Friendly Society Private Hospital they must refer the patient to a specialist credentialed at the hospital, who will assume care.
For a list of accredited specialists please refer to Specialists Directory.

Admitting to The Friendly Society Private Hospital:
2). A Request for Admission form (MR10) is completed by the Doctor requesting admission and forwarded to the Hospital Co-Ordinator/Admissions team (email

The Admissions form require the following information:
• Name, Address & Phone Number of patient
• Date of Birth
• Diagnosis
• Treatment Orders
• Admitting Drs name
• Insurance Status: Insured / Self Insured
• All patients will be required to present insurance details or pay the estimated cost of their stay if self-insured prior to admission.

Workcover and TAC approval must be obtained by the admitting doctor prior to admission.

3). Admissions staff then processes the forms and the patient is booked in. Patients will be contacted by the hospital with their admission details and given a quote for any out of pocket costs.

When the patient is admitted, the following forms will also need to be completed:
MR3 (Consent and Acknowledgement)
MR4 (Patient information)
MR60 (Patient History)

For any enquiries regarding admissions, please contact us on 4331 1556 or 4331 1022 (fax).

Emergency Department:

The patient can present directly to our Emergency Department where they will be seen by a Specialist.
Please be aware that presenting to The Friendlies Emergency Department will incur an additional $250 out of pocket fee for the patient.
The patient can be admitted to the hospital from the ED.

Work Cover:

For any approved work cover cases, the Emergency Department will lodge the invoices directly, so there will not be a fee required when visiting the ED.


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