Mission & values

Our Mission

To be the hospital of choice for friendly, quality healthcare.

Our Values: What can you expect from our staff and service?

We are proud of our reputation for excellence and the provision of high quality healthcare that has been fostered over the past 70 years. It all stems from the The Friendlies values, which breed a special culture and ensure that we attract the right sort of people.

WISDOM: Consistent and balanced judgment in decision-making, thoughtful analysis and clear understanding of issues.

COURAGE: Pushing boundaries of knowledge through innovation, encouraging others and standing up for what’s right.

COMPASSION: Consistent, respectful connections with people, listening with understanding and showing empathy with actions of support.

DILIGENCE: Attention to detail, always striving to improve outcomes, loyalty to organisation and commitment to business goals.

FRIENDLINESS: Making people feel welcome and included, genuine consideration for others in a cheerful, respectful and responsive way.