Friendlies Volunteers are a dedicated team who work to support Friendlies patients and visitors so their time spent at the hospital is as comfortable as can be.

They are a friendly ear who will listen. Our volunteers are compassionate and are there to support our patients and visitors in whatever way they need. They are a helping hand.

Our volunteer program is a way to give back, not only to the community, but to people who are in need of extra care and support.

Our volunteers are ambassadors of the hospital. They are the support network of our staff and together we are the Friendlies.

Roles Available

We need people like you to help us perform these roles:

  • Meet and greet patients entering the hospital
  • Escort patients throughout the hospital
  • Provide support to administrative and clinical staff
  • Assist with marketing and public relations activities
  • Deliver items to patients from the hospital pharmacy trolley
  • Assembling literature and organisation mail
  • Social support to patients, short and long term
  • Support patients and relatives in Day Surgery
  • Assist with gardening and maintenance of the hospital grounds
  • Assist with patient surveys
  • Many other roles available

Become a Friendlies Volunteer

We aim to make our volunteer roles varied and rewarding so you can help to provide total care to those in need.

If you are interested in joining our team of Friendlies Volunteers, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, on 4331 1039 or fill out an application on our website here.