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Sports injury physiotherapy for peak game fitness

Sports injury physiotherapy for peak game fitness

with Physiotherapist Sara Atkinson from Friendlies Physiotherapy & Allied Health Maintaining peak physical fitness and effectively managing injuries is crucial for any sportsperson, whether you’re playing at a local, regional or professional level. One of the most valuable people to have on your team as an athlete is a sports physiotherapist. A sports physio can help you manage pain and injuries, regain peak game fitness and offer tools to prevent a recurrence. What is sports physiotherapy? Sports physiotherapy is aMore
How To Use A Walking Stick Safely

​​How to use a walking stick safely

Walking sticks are essential mobility aids for many people. But like any mobility aid, walking sticks should be used with care. Before getting started, it’s worth taking the time to learn how to use the assistive device safely and prevent injuries. A walking stick should be used as an aid only, not as the primary source of mobility support. If you find yourself relying heavily on a walking stick to get around, you may need to consider a rollator orMore
Friendlies Physiotherapy back pain

Sore back? How Physiotherapy can help with back pain

by Matthew Churchill – Head Physiotherapist, Friendlies Physiotherapy Service Did you know that up to 80% of people will suffer from back pain at least once in their lifetime? That’s a lot of us! Most researchers say the actual figure is even higher. If you have ever suffered from acute or chronic back pain, you’ll know it can be debilitating. However, many people don’t see a Physiotherapist until back pain starts to limit their lifestyle in some way. It mayMore


Posture and its benefits to your health Posture definition? – Posture refers to the position in which someone holds their body when standing or sitting. – There are many postural types, some of the more common types – check out the picture for reference. – There is no such thing as perfect posture! Even the best posture held for long periods of time can cause you discomfort or pain. This is because the human body is made to MOVE! –More
hot and cold therapy

Hot and cold therapy

Heat and cold therapy or ice packs, or a combination of both, have been common practice in injury management for centuries. With their use so widely accepted, you may wonder when it actually makes a difference. Heat When it comes to treating ongoing pain rather than a recent injury, heat therapy can be more effective than anti-inflammatories in treating pain, especially wrist and back pain. Heat can help to reduce pain or stiffness in the short term. It won’t fixMore