Physiotherapy News

The Friendlies Welcomes Senior OT Jared Clifford

Jared Clifford has joined Friendlies Physiotherapy & Allied Health as a senior occupational therapist. Jared has extensive experience working as an Occupational therapist including: Management of an occupational therapy department within the aged care sector including provision of therapies and manual handling education. Senior position with the NHS based in London for two years in a community rapid response supported discharge role. Management of an occupational rehabilitation team focusing on the rehabilitation of injured mine workers including the creation ofMore

New walking group aimed at enhancing foot health

Everyone knows that walking is great for your health, but did you know it’s great for your feet too? As part of Foot Health Month in October, Friendlies Physiotherapy Service Podiatrist Claire Barrand will be leading a new Heart Foundation walking group that will start on Tuesday, October 24. “This walking program is designed to help people with physical activity to meet their minimum target of 30 minutes of daily physical activity,” Claire said. “The other concern is that ifMore

Revere Sandals, Vionic footware range now at The Friendlies

The Friendlies Physiotherapy Service podiatrist is now a stockist of therapeutic footwear brands Revere Sandals and Vionic Thongs. Revere Sandals provide all-day comfort and support by enhancing foot health for those experiencing heel pain, tired aching feet, sore knees and lower back pain. Revere Sandals have been designed in collaboration with leading footwear experts to provide maximum adjustability to support many foot types. Revere Sandals provide a removable foot bed for those required to wear custom made orthotic devices. The extraMore

Will running barefoot provide any benefits?

Podiatrist Claire Barrand discusses barefoot running. The Barefoot running phenomenon has received quite a lot of media coverage and talk among runners in recent years however, this concept is not new. In fact in the 1960 Olympics competitor Abebe Bikila won Gold, barefoot. Many research studies have been conducted since then to understand the altered running mechanics of running barefoot. Barefoot running does decrease stride length but increase stride rate. This could potentially cause more repetitive stress on the forefootMore

Try a different lacing technique for different feet conditions

The next time you tie your laces, give one of these different techniques a go, depending on the shape of your feet. Try these three comfy techniques to start with. Loop lock lacing technique Useful for those with a narrow heel or shoe slippage, shoes that have a shallow depth or when introducing an orthotic into your shoe. Volume Lacing This is good for a wide foot, shoes feeling too tight or a sore top foot. Accommodating the forefoot ThisMore