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Will running barefoot provide any benefits?

Podiatrist Claire Barrand discusses barefoot running. The Barefoot running phenomenon has received quite a lot of media coverage and talk among runners in recent years however, this concept is not new. In fact in the 1960 Olympics competitor Abebe Bikila won Gold, barefoot. Many research studies have been conducted since then to understand the altered running mechanics of running barefoot. Barefoot running does decrease stride length but increase stride rate. This could potentially cause more repetitive stress on the forefootMore

Try a different lacing technique for different feet conditions

The next time you tie your laces, give one of these different techniques a go, depending on the shape of your feet. Try these three comfy techniques to start with. Loop lock lacing technique Useful for those with a narrow heel or shoe slippage, shoes that have a shallow depth or when introducing an orthotic into your shoe. Volume Lacing This is good for a wide foot, shoes feeling too tight or a sore top foot. Accommodating the forefoot ThisMore

The difference between muscle soreness and early signs of injury

When you begin a new exercise or training regime, it is normal to feel some level of soreness. However, continuing to exercise or train with an injury can cause further or more serious damage. So how do you tell the difference between what is just normal soreness and what could be an injury? First of all, if you are not sure, seek advice from a health professional, just to be on the safe side. Soreness Muscle pain that shows upMore
Strapped Ankle

Manage your sports and running injury

Is a foot, ankle, lower leg or knee injury getting in the way of you achieving your goals? The Friendlies Physiotherapy Service podiatrist has a special interest in treating musculoskeletal and sports injuries such as; tendinopathy, heel pain, shin splints, arch pain, Achilles tendinopathy and knee pain to name but a few. Whether your goal is to keep fit, doing short walks, generally being active with friends and family or running long distance, our Podiatrist can help. Causes of InjuryMore