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Time to get your fitness back on track

With Christmas and the New Year behind us, now is a great time to re-evaluate your fitness goals. Friendlies Physiotherapy Service head physiotherapist Matt Churchill has shared his tips to getting your health and fitness on track for the year. Post Christmas weight and lethargy is changed best with exercise that burns calories and uses large muscle groups. It is recommended to start slowly and build up intensity and repetitions, so the risk of injury is less. Below are someMore

Plan for the Healthiest New Year yet

By Alessandra Winfield, The Friendlies dietician Have you gone through the Christmas Season with perpetual eating, drinking and being merry only to find yourself a few kilos heavier than you’d like to be? Often the trend is to make New Year’s resolutions about being fitter and healthier than the year gone by. We all know that these resolutions are usually short-lived and become the joke at every New Year’s Eve gathering. I think the reasons these resolutions are short-lived isMore

Make Plans to Maintain Good Health over Christmas

By Alessandra Winfield, The Friendlies Physiotherapy Service dietician Studies have shown that many people gain between half a kilogram to three kilograms over the Christmas season. Many people will make New Year’s resolutions to lose the weight and some succeed. Others, however will carry that weight all year and the cycle continues into subsequent Christmas seasons. I am not going to say “watch what you eat” on Christmas day, because to me it is a special occasion and we should enjoy it.More

Macho Moustache Men battle to the end

It wasn’t enough for our Movember entrants, the Friendlies Macho Moustache Men, to grow their mo’s, challenge their own fitness and raise much needed funds for men’s health – they also had to make a competition out of it. At the beginning of the month, the Macho Men took part in a health and fitness check with the aim of improving by the end of the campaign. To give themselves added motivation, the Macho Men split into two teams – RedMore