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The top 5 things you need to do for good health

There are so many different ideas and advice around on nutrition and diet, but sometimes the more simple the better. As part of National Nutrition Week this week, the Friendlies Physiotherapy Service dietitian Kelly Daly shares her top 5 pieces of advice for healthy eating. For individual nutrition advice, make an appointment to talk to Kelly on 4331 1888. 1. Don’t Drink Sugary Calories Sugary drinks are the most fattening things you can put into your body. This is becauseMore
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Beef up your meals with slow-cooked tasty favourite

When it comes to cooking healthy meals for the family, it can be easy to over complicate things. Friendlies Physiotherapy Service Dietitian Kelly Daly said that often simple is best. “Try this Dietitian approved slow cooked, tender and delicious pulled beef,” Kelly said. “Beef is a valuable source of protein and iron in the diet, and it is encouraged to be eaten two to four times per week. “This recipe is great, as it has a 5-minute prep time, butMore
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The Friendlies top nutrition tips

Top diet and nutrition tips from the Friendlies Physiotherapy Service dietitian to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fat is not the enemy Fat is often seen in a very negative light, but it is important to remember that healthy fats are a fundamental part of a well balanced diet. Healthy fats help absorption of Vitamin A, D, E & K and also decrease sugar cravings by increasing post meal satiety. Aim to consume: Fish – 2-3 serves per week Avocadoes –More

How to feel full without gaining weight over winter

The Friendlies Physiotherapy Service has some great advice on how to stay healthy and avoid those extra winter kilos.   As the weather gets cooler, we tend to eat more food. Psychologically, when winter arrives and we feel a bit cold, we tend to choose foods that are warming and comforting.  So we ditch the salads and eat more hot foods that most likely contain a higher calorie level. With days that are shorter, we also tend to exercise aMore