Are you prepared to run with a blister management plan?

With less than four weeks until the Cane2Coral, have you considered how you will manage a blister?

If you are a regular runner then you have probably encountered a blister or two and know how to prevent and manage one.

You might be a regular walker or runner but perhaps pushing yourself that bit further on the day? In which case, you may encounter a blister.

Weather conditions may change and your feet may become wet or sweaty, predisposing you to a blister.

It’s not too late to prepare your feet and reduce your blister risk – here are a few tips;

1. JOGGERS – Don’t buy new joggers for the Cane2Coral – wear your tried and trusted ones.  If you have new joggers, allow plenty of time (weeks/months) to wear them in.

2. SOCKS – wear your favourites. Don’t buy new.

3. TOENAILS – Ensure your toenails are short and filed at the edges to prevent pressure on adjacent toes and trauma from pressure.

4. CALLOUSES – Ensure any callouses are filed down with a pumice stone.  A callus is your body’s response to friction but at the same time, they provide a certain amount of protection to friction prone areas.  Removing them at this stage could cause further problems.

5. LACE TECHNIQUE – Ensure you have chosen a lace technique according to foot type (try one of these techniques).


  • Wear a gel silicone toe sleeve on friction prone areas or where adjacent toe rubbing occurs.
  • Wear blister patches on areas prone to friction and rubbing.
  • Taping toes to reduce rubbing is a good idea (band-aids can come loose and cause a blister).

7. FLIP FLOPS – Bring a pair of flip flops to go home in, after all, you may still end up with a blister, plus, it’s always good to kick off those shoes!

8. See your podiatrist on MONDAY MORNING, if you are concerned about a blister.  It’s not always advisable to pop a blister yourself.

To make an appointment with our podiatrist Kymberly Cracknell, telephone the Friendlies Physiotherapy Service on 4331 1888.

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