Three houses removed to make way for expansion

Preparations are underway for The Friendlies Stage 6 theatre complex expansion across Crofton Street, with the removal of houses on Crofton, Electra and Woondooma Streets. The house on Woondooma Street will be removed to make way for a 16-unit development to house out-of-town families, visiting doctors and new staff. The other back-to-back houses on Crofton and Electra street were sold and are being relocated to make way for a new road which will run from Woondooma Street along the hospital,More

School artwork showcases spinal disorder

A high-school art project has drawn attention to spinal conditions and an amazing new machine being used at The Friendlies. 2019 Senior Rhys Crook created the wire and pipe spine, titled Crooked, as part of a school project. “We had a self-portrait unit to do and I was looking at my physical being,” Rhys explained. “I’ve had scoliosis for three years now, so that’s a big part of me and something that will never change, so the spine idea wasMore

New hospital units to cater for families and doctors

The Friendlies is planning to start work on an apartment complex that will cater to families of out-of-town patients, new doctors, visiting specialists and new staff. The 16 apartments will be short-stay accommodation built over two levels, featuring seven studio apartments and nine one-bedroom apartments. Work is ready to begin in the coming months, with the complex expected to be completed by the end of this year. Senior Manager for Business Development Stuart Bonnett said the need for the self-containedMore

Christmas Raffle Raises $2500

Toys, wine, gifts and vouchers were just some of the hundreds of dollars worth of prizes donated for The Friendlies Foundation recent Mega Christmas Raffle. Launched in early November and drawn the week before Christmas, the raffle was generously supported, with more than $2500 raised. The Friendlies Foundation public relations officer Maria Ebert thanked all of the foundation’s supporters for the generous prize donations. “This has been one of our most successful raffles to date, and it wouldn’t have beenMore