What is your muse?

Modern Muse was inspired by the complexity of a modern woman, with the same dynamic contrasts as her life and her personality. Her creative energy and magnetic femininity are captured by its multi-faceted, sparkling floralcy. Her sleek style, strength and sensuality by its sleek woods. Who is a Modern Muse? She’s confident and independent, soft and strong, feminine yet dynamic. Stylish and original, she inspires everyone she meets—without saying a word. Pick Your Muse Modern Muse Chic 50ml – $110More
cracked lips

Top tips for Sore, Dry, Cracked lips

The winter months often bring sore, dry and cracked lips to everyone in the family, but there are a few simple things you can do to help. Don’t lick your lips – licking your lips can actually dry them out further. A lip balm is your best bet – just apply every time you have the urge to lick your lips Apply Balm at Bed – Breathing through your mouth, which many of us unconsciously do while sleeping, can leadMore

Probiotics in convenient fridge-free form

As our lives get busier, remembering to take our vitamins and probiotic supplements is becoming more and more challenging Ethical Nutrients has spent three years developing a fridge free probiotic that remains live and effective at full strength, without requiring refrigeration. New fridge free Inner Health On The Go is a daily probiotic that may; Support a healthy balance of good gut bacteria Help maintain general health and wellbeing Support a healthy gastrointestinal system Support healthy immunity Each capsule containsMore

The Friendly Society Private Hospital began installing solar electricity and hot water on all available roof space in September, 2017. The project was completed in April, 2018. The Friendlies solar panels total 575kw and will save the business $3Million over 10 years. View the Aerial Video