Women’s Health

Did you know that there are Physiotherapists who specialise in women’s health and continence? Women face a range of health issues during different periods of their life.  Pregnancy and menopause and their related conditions are 2 stages of life that can significantly affect the body. Most women assume that this is a normal part of life and that they must live with these conditions. For example, being able to run, jump on the trampoline with kids, cough and sneeze andMore

Think FAST to learn signs of stroke

The Friendlies is joining the Stroke Foundation in urging people to think FAST and learn the signs of stroke. The Bundaberg Stroke Support Group have a display in the Friendly Society Private Hospital foyer as part of National Stroke Week in an effort to spread awareness of the FAST message and knowing the signs of stroke. Stroke Week is educating the community that speed saves when it comes to stroke. This Stroke Week, the Stroke Foundation is sending a vital message to the community toMore

Eight causes of children’s leg and foot pain

With the school year now well underway, you may notice your child complaining of foot and/or leg pain with them now having to wear shoes all day. Your child should see a podiatrist if you notice any of the following; Heel pain Leg pain at night or during the day Tiptoe walking Toenail pain Uneven shoe wear pattern Blistering on the feet after playing sport Skin lesions i.e warts Flat feet or high arched feet A podiatrist will be able toMore
Falls and Balance Class

Falls Prevention and Exercise class going strong

Our aim is to create steady seniors with our weekly ‘Falls Prevention and Exercise Program’.  The classes are aimed at assisting people to stay steady on their feet have been well received by patients. The Friendlies Physiotherapy & Allied Health ‘Falls Prevention & Exercise Program’ is currently running four classes a week. Head Physiotherapist Matt Churchill said it was great to see so many people get behind the program. “So many health professionals and patients had spoken to us aboutMore