Endoscopy upgrade

Endoscopy fleet upgraded

The Friendlies’ endoscopic fleet was upgraded this year with the $475,000 purchase of new videoscope equipment.

Endoscopy is a procedure where the doctor passes a thin camera into a patient’s body. This enables the doctor to look at a person’s organs to diagnose and treat some conditions.

The new ultra-high-definition camera control unit offers 4K high-quality image processing with improved visibility and operability.

It incorporates a user-friendly touch panel control system with various cameras and modules.

Nurse unit manager Maria Sam describes it as “the brains” of the high-tech system.

“It’s an enhanced method to assist surgeons with the early identification of potential irregularities in the bowel system,” she said.

“We’ve updated the existing equipment to a 4K enhanced system to improve our service to patients and the community.”

The endoscopy unit usually operates five days a week and in 2021-22 there were 2094 procedures.

Photo: Nurse unit manager Maria Sam and Roslyn Markwick have welcomed an upgrade to The Friendlies’ endoscopy fleet. 

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