How to get an admission to the hospital

Welcome, thank you for choosing The Friendly Society Private Hospital as your choice of hospital and Healthcare, this is a service to allow you to complete your admission documentation online and email it to the hospital.

Usually, you are supplied with a pre-admission pack, that has all the necessary forms for your admission to the hospital. At times, it might be difficult to get to the hospital to pick these up, so we have created a downloadable format of the forms.

You will require to fill in the following forms:

Please download all of these documents. It uses a program Adobe Acrobat, which is a free program, available to download here.

Once you have saved the documents to your computer, you should be able to fill in all the fields electronically and email them back to (we will have a printout available on your admission for you to sign)

Inpatient Admissions

As an inpatient, it is important that you are familiar with our processes and the information provided. There are specific tasks you need to attend to so that your stay runs smoothly.

How do I get Admitted?

A referral is required from your GP or treating doctor to a Specialist with admitting rights to our hospital.
View our Specialist Directory.

For direct admission, the GP will contact the specialist to accept you as their patient while you are in our care. The GP will also contact the hospital to ensure all admission paperwork is completed, and that there is a bed available at the time of admission.
The GP will be required to fill out at MR10 form.

Information we require:
– Name and date of birth
– Health fund details
– Contact number
– Accepting Specialist
– Diagnosis

Costs and Insurance Cover

Our Hospital Coordinator will contact your insurer (health fund, Workers Compensation insurer or other) to confirm exactly what costs will be covered, and what out-of-pocket expenses are to be paid.  If you have an excess or co-payment with your health insurance, you will be required to pay this at the time of admission.

Self-funded patients will also be required to pay at the time of admission.

Please contact our Patient Accounts Team on 4331 1288 or 4331 1287 who will arrange for an estimate of expenses to be provided.

Please bring the following items with you to the hospital:
– Letter of referral from your treating Doctor or Specialist, unless this has already been sent to the hospital
– All medications you are currently prescribed and any repeat prescriptions (do not bring medications that are not prescribed as these will be removed upon admission)
– Medicare and private health insurance cards
– Health care cards and pharmacy safety net details
– Casual comfortable day clothes
– Comfortable footwear
– Nightwear (for inpatients)
– Personal toiletries

For Emergency situations:

You can present directly to our Emergency Department where you will be seen by a Specialist.
Please be aware that presenting to The Friendlies Emergency Department will incur a $250 out of pocket fee.
You can be admitted directly from the ED if necessary.

Work Cover:

For any approved work cover cases, the Emergency Department will lodge the invoices directly, so there will not be a fee required when visiting the ED.

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