Doctor works to restore sight to Cambodians

Dr David Merefield, from Coral Coast Anaesthesia, has recently returned from Cambodia, as part of the Cambodia Vision team who travel to the country annually to restore and treat sight and help return hundreds of Cambodians to work.

The team consulted with more than 3600 patients, including children and performed 397 cataract, pterygium and other surgeries, provided 503 pairs of prescription glasses, donated more than 1000 pairs of reading glasses and 3500 pairs of sunglasses, as well as donating five tonnes of rice to post-op patients and those staying in all wards in Pursat Referral Hospital and local temples.

While in Cambodia the team also provided training to 40 local medical and High School students and donated medical supplies and medicines to Pursat Referral Hospital, Sihanouk Hospital Centre of Hope and the National Paediatric Hospital.

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