New Emergency Department Celebrates Six Months

After six months in operation, The Friendlies Emergency Department has treated more than 4500 people, with an overwhelmingly positive response to the new service. Since opening, the department saw an average of 24 patients a day.

Friendly Society Private Hospital CEO Alan Cooper said feedback since opening the service had been extremely positive.

“Our patients had been asking for an alternative emergency department to the public system for some years,” he said.

“We have been grateful for the wonderful feedback and reviews we have received. When you are meeting people and they are thanking you for a service you know you have answered a need in the community.”

Mr Cooper said The Friendlies Emergency Department offered minimal wait times and a department led by emergency specialists.

“In the past six months we have treated a number of conditions from minor health complaints, all the way to acute medical conditions such as heart attacks and broken bones,” he said.

“We follow up with phone calls the following day, letters to GPs, as well as patients being able to return within 7-days for the same complaint without incurring any additional out-of-pocket costs.

“There are also no out-of-pocket charges for Workcover and DVA patients.”

Opening the new service has also seen an increase in staff at the hospital.

“We have employed 16 nursing and support staff for the emergency department, but have also increased staff across other areas, including Unit 5. We are continuing our recruiting process as people continue to seek direct admission to The Friendlies,” Mr Cooper said.

Photo: Specialist Emergency Doctor Phil Gaudin and his team have been happy with the public response to The Friendlies Emergency Department.

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