Emergency Department First Birthday Celebrations

Milestone birthday for The Friendlies Emergency Department

More than 9000 patients have sought treatment at The Friendlies Emergency Department since it opened one year ago.

Celebrating its first milestone, Friendly Society Private Hospital CEO Alan Cooper said patient numbers to the emergency department in its first year showed the community support for the service.

“We knew there was a need in the community for this service, as our patients were telling us often,” Mr Cooper said.

“It is good to see that reflected in our patient presentations, but also in the positive feedback we receive about the service and its doctors and nurses.

“We have worked hard in our first year to deliver specialist emergency care during times people need it most, all while offering minimal wait times.”

Mr Cooper said there had also been 1580 ambulance presentations to the emergency department.

“Patients can self present or get a referral from their GP to come to the ED, but patients can also be brought to The Friendlies between 8am and 8pm by ambulance – you just need to make your wishes known to the ambulance officers treating you,” he said.

Mr Cooper said in its second year The Friendlies would consider opening the ED for longer hours.

“If the community need is there, it is certainly something we want to look at as we head into our second year,” he said.

The Friendlies Emergency Department treated a range of patients and conditions in its first year, from acute injuries, broken bones and heart attacks through to minor health complaints.

“Part of our focus is to continue our level of service. Patients to our ED receive a follow up call the following day and letters sent to their regular GP, as well as being able to return within 7-days for the same complaint without incurring any additional out-of-pocket costs,” Mr Cooper said.

“And we continue to offer no out-of-pocket charges for Workcover and DVA patients.”

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