Highest air quality standard in operating theatres set by The Friendlies

The latest in operating theatre advancements has been installed at The Friendlies, with a renovation of Operating Theatre 3 being recently completed.

The refurbished Theatre 3 has been fitted out with a state-of-the-art laminar flow air-conditioning system, which helps to provide a shroud of air surrounding the patient, minimising the risk of infection. It is also designed to maintain optimal comfort levels for the surgeon and to ensure all air entering the operation theatre is HEPA filtered.

The lamina flow system creates three different air velocities in the room, that works to ensure clean air is directed from the area where the operating table is, to the perimeter of the room. This ensures maximum patient protection.

Operating Theatre 3 will now become the second dedicated orthopaedic theatre at The Friendlies, which accommodates five orthopaedic surgeons, covering specialities from general orthopaedics to specialised areas of the spine, shoulders, hips and knees.

The operating theatre will comply with air quality accreditation class ISO5, set by the International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) as a benchmark for hospitals worldwide.

In addition, the hospital has upgraded the surgical lights to LED, which give off minimal heat, that also cast no shadows.

This upgrade comes after the relocation of all scope procedures to the dedicated endoscopy unit, which was opened in March.

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