Use Less Is More adage to keep health on track

Struggling to stay on track with your health goals? Or need a simple way to keep you motivated? Friendlies Physiotherapy Service has some great tips to do just that.

Unhealthy habits are simply habits and can be re-trained and broken with determination and intention.

It’s a time to look at things differently and resolve to do things differently.

Why should we do this? According to health statistics, Australians are just not up to scratch when it comes to healthy habits and health in general.

With the rise in obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, our years will be cut short.

Make this year the year you follow-through on your New Year’s resolutions to be healthier.

Our health becomes much more valuable after we lose it!

I love the old adage of Less is More.

Less is More

Less Weight More Health
 Less Takeaway More Home-Cooked
 Less Excess More Portion Control
 Less Soft Drink More Water
 Less Refined Carbs More Wholegrain Fibre
 Less Sugar More Vegetables
 Less Saturated Fat More Healthy Oils
Less Processed Food More Make-Your-Own
 Less Lollies and Chips More Healthy snacks
Less Alcohol More Tea
Less TV More Active
Less Fatty Meat More Fish
Less Sitting More Moving
Less Excuses More Results















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