How to pick out the perfect perfume when you are buying for someone else

When you want to give a special gift like perfume, it can be hard to know what the recipient would like. But there are a few things you can do to help make picking the perfect fragrance a breeze.

Enlist help

Our beauty consultants are specially trained in all our fragrances, and based on a few easy questions they can help point you in the right direction.

Go with your nose

If you are picking out a scent for your partner, go with your nose. We will often instinctively go with what smells familiar or nice.

Stick with soft scents

These include vanilla, musk and soft florals. Your beauty consultant will know what fragrances contain these scents. These scents are the least overpowering.

Avoid heavy scents

These include heavy florals, woody and earthy scent. These are likely to be the most polarising.

Go with what’s popular

When in doubt, ask your beauty consultant what the best-selling fragrances are and pick from them.

There’s always a gift voucher

If you get really stuck, you won’t go wrong with a gift voucher!

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