Small Team Nursing at The Friendlies

For the past 6 months, The Friendlies has implemented small team nursing in Units 1-5 and CCU.

Small Team Nursing is a method of care delivery, where a group of nurses, under the guidance of a registered nurse team leader, are collectively responsible for a group of patients.

There have been proven benefits to this type of nursing care

For patients

  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Improves patient outcomes
  • Improves the quality of nursing
  • Increases patient observation and safety
  • Decreases missed care

 For Staff

  • Increases staff competency at all levels as a “grow your own model”
  • Improves staff satisfaction
  • Increases staff support at all levels
  • Improves staff development

For Service

  • Improves productivity & efficiency
  • Utilises human resources effectively

As part of team nursing, The Friendlies has also implemented hourly rounding on patients. Studies have shown this may reduce falls by 50%, pressure ulcers by 14% and buzzers by 37.8%, as well as an increase in patient satisfaction.

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