Probiotics in convenient fridge-free form

As our lives get busier, remembering to take our vitamins and probiotic supplements is becoming more and more challenging

Ethical Nutrients has spent three years developing a fridge free probiotic that remains live and effective at full strength, without requiring refrigeration.

New fridge free Inner Health On The Go is a daily probiotic that may;

  • Support a healthy balance of good gut bacteria
  • Help maintain general health and wellbeing
  • Support a healthy gastrointestinal system
  • Support healthy immunity

Each capsule contains a clinically tested validated dose of 12 billion live LGG, one of the world’s most researched probiotics.

New technology ensures the probiotic bacteria remain live, effective and at full strength without refrigeration.

inner Health probioticss

Try the new Inner Health On The Go, fridge free probiotic at Friendly Society Pharmacy, only $31.95 for members until August 18 (Regularly $44.95)

Also on sale until August 18 is the Daily Immune or Digestive Defence capsules – $37.95 for members, regularly $52.50.

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