Try a different lacing technique for different feet conditions

The next time you tie your laces, give one of these different techniques a go, depending on the shape of your feet. Try these three comfy techniques to start with.

Loop lock lacing technique

Useful for those with a narrow heel or shoe slippage, shoes that have a shallow depth or when introducing an orthotic into your shoe.


The loop lock lacing technique.


The laced up version of a loop lock lacing technique.

Volume Lacing

This is good for a wide foot, shoes feeling too tight or a sore top foot.

First variation of volume lacing.

Second variation of volume lacing.

Accommodating the forefoot

This technique is good for bunions, forefoot pain and nerve impingement.

Remove the lace from the last eyelet to ensure there is not lateral compression of the forefoot.


Remove laces from the last eyelet to accommodate the forefoot.

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