Got foot pain?

Here is a simple exercise to help get you back on your feet:

Did you know that we have muscles in our feet that aren’t attached to the muscles in our legs?

These are called the Intrinsic Foot Muscles and they have their origin and insertion in the foot only.

Wearing footwear all day restricts the movement of these muscles, especially narrow-toed shoes.

Our Intrinsics help to control posture and also stabilise the arches of the foot while also providing dynamic control to the foot while walking.

Weakness of these muscles can be one cause of heel pain, clawed toes, a low arch, foot pain and tired aching feet.

You can improve your muscle strength by completing this fun activity: Pick up marbles with your toes and place them in a bowl.

See our podiatrist Kymberly Cracknell at Friendlies Physiotherapy Service if you suffer with any of the above symptoms, and she will help you get back on your feet. Call on 4331 1888 to make an appointment.

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