Occupational Therapist

Build Confidence and Independence with the Friendlies Occupational Therapy Service

An Occupational Therapist (also called an “OT”) is a university qualified allied health professional who helps people of all ages achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

Our team of Occupational Therapists recommend therapeutic activities and equipment to enhance patient lives at home, work, school, driving or out and about.

The term “occupational” when it comes to occupational therapy doesn’t just refer to work. It covers the techniques to complete just about any activity that a person finds meaningful – paid or volunteer work, family life, leisure activities, sport, learning or education and self-care.

OT is varied and very individualised. It may include:

  • Developing confidence with day-to-day tasks.
  • Finding practical solutions or alternative ways to complete challenging tasks.
  • Building and strengthening muscles, balance or coordination.
  • Learning to use assistive technology.
  • Rehabilitation activities.
  • Referral to another allied health professional such as a Physiotherapist.

We work with people of all ages and abilities, supporting in-patient recovery and rehabilitation, as well as helping members of the community complete tasks more easily and safely. We also provide assessments and support for NDIS participants.

How our Occupational Therapists can help

Our Occupational Therapists offer services such as:

  • Home assessment and complex home modification including for NDIS participants.
  • Falls prevention strategies and classes.
  • Equipment prescription.
  • Hand therapy and splinting.
  • Pre-orthopaedic surgery home review.
  • Oedema management.
  • Paediatric services.
  • Stroke rehabilitation.
  • Workplace rehabilitation and assessment.
  • Functional need assessment.
  • Cognitive assessment.
  • Sensory processing and integration assessment.
  • NDIS functional capacity assessments and treatment (we are an NDIS registered OT provider).

Find out more about the role of an occupational therapist, and how an OT can help you.

What to expect from an initial OT assessment

Can we please step this out, perhaps something along these lines:

An initial assessment is usually completed in person so your OT can get to know you a little more and understand your goals, challenges, strengths and weaknesses.

At Friendlies Allied Health, you can expect an initial assessment to include the following steps:

  1. Background information about your health, movement, abilities etc.
  2. Assessing self-care, functional and fine motor skills.

We also work closely with our other Allied Health Services including Physiotherapists to ensure you get the right treatment for your needs.

Our Occupational Therapists in Bundaberg

You’ll find our team members experienced, caring, knowledgeable and patient. All our OTs work with patients of all ages, from young children through to elderly adults.

Each team member has their own specific areas of specialty and interests.

  • Georgia Bell: Hand Therapy, older adults and home care packages, completing full functional capacity assessments for NDIS, providing paediatric therapy and completing home safety assessments and minor home modifications, trial and scripting of assistive technology and completing cognitive assessments.
  • Julia Robinson: Community and home-based assessments, trial and prescription of compensatory equipment, older adults and home care packages, cognitive assessments, neurological rehabilitation

How to book

Our Occupational Therapy team is located on 102 Woondooma Street, Bundaberg West.

If you’re looking for an OT in Bundaberg, contact the Friendlies team for an initial consultation on 07 4331 1888 or email on otreception@fsph.org.au.

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