With a focus on oncology and cardiac services, and providing patients with life-saving equipment in their local area, your bequest to The Friendlies Foundation truly does have the ability to improve the health care services in the community you leave behind.

A bequest is a gift that keeps on giving long after you are able to do so personally. It enables you to leave a legacy that reflects the compassion you showed in your lifetime and honours the cause close to your heart.

What is a Will

A valid will is a legally enforceable document which specifies the people and/or organisation to benefit from your estate (the net value of your assets after any outstanding debts have been paid).

What is a Bequest

Your gift to The Friendlies Foundation can be in a number of different forms including:

  • A specific gift of money, property, stocks or shares
  • A percentage of your estate that takes inflation into account
  • A residual gift of whatever is left after all your other gifts, taxes and debts have been paid
  • The entire estate

How to include the Friendlies Foundation in your Will

If you plan to include a bequest to The Friendlies Foundation in your will, please provide the following to your Solicitor or Trust Advisor:

“I give and bequeath the sum of $______ to FRIENDLIES HOSPITAL FOUNDATION LIMITED (ABN 26 640 937 962) to be applied for general charitable purposes and, in respect of such legacy, I declare as follows:

    (a) A general charitable intent shall apply;

    (b) The receipt of the Chief Executive Officer, for the time being, shall constitute a full and sufficient discharge to executors and trustees; and

    (c) The legacy shall be free of any probate or other duty”

For more information

To find out more about The Friendlies Foundation, please make an appointment with The Friendlies Foundation office on 4331 1024.



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