New uniforms

New uniforms provide colour and functionality

Vibrant colours and functional materials are features of the new Friendlies uniforms for hospital and pharmacy staff. Uniforms at The Friendlies are reviewed every five years to refresh the design and align with corporate branding and industry best practice. Chief operating officer Andrew Smith said a staff committee had researched the new uniforms and consulted with employees over several months. Andrew thanked everyone for their input and creativity. “The committee took a good look at the requirements of various rolesMore
repainting unit one

Unit One refurbished

Unit One at The Friendlies has been refurbished to improve amenities for patients and staff. Senior Manager Clinical Operations, Jackie Emery, said the project involved replacing carpet with vinyl and repainting the walls. Work was finished in January 2023. “It’s a refurbishment to freshen up the unit and make it more comfortable for patients,” Jackie said. “We’ve listened to feedback from our community and taken this opportunity over Christmas, while it’s relatively quiet, to upgrade the unit. “Vinyl is easierMore
Endoscopy upgrade

Endoscopy fleet upgraded

The Friendlies’ endoscopic fleet was upgraded this year with the $475,000 purchase of new videoscope equipment. Endoscopy is a procedure where the doctor passes a thin camera into a patient’s body. This enables the doctor to look at a person’s organs to diagnose and treat some conditions. The new ultra-high-definition camera control unit offers 4K high-quality image processing with improved visibility and operability. It incorporates a user-friendly touch panel control system with various cameras and modules. Nurse unit manager MariaMore
Dementia room

Refurbished room planned for patients with dementia

A bright and engaging room for people with cognitive impairment is planned at The Friendlies Private Hospital to improve amenities for patients and their families. With an increasing elderly population, the hospital is seeing a growing number of general admissions who need higher care. Unit Five nurse unit manager Donna Habermann said the goal was to provide a home-like environment for patients with dementia and to activate their memories. The project will involve painting a four-bed room in bright colours,More
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