Dr Michael Gruchy

Dr Michael Gruchy

In the fifties and sixties, if you mentioned The Friendlies Doctors in Bundaberg, everyone would know exactly who you were talking about. It came about in the early fifties when the General Committee decided to set up its own GP clinic.  But to offer the service The Friendlies had to source suitable doctors willing to work on contract.  At the time the AMA was strongly opposed to allowing salaried doctors, as opposed to independent fee for service doctors, so theMore
FSPH Specialists Cardiology

World Heart Day

World Heart Day is held annually on the 29th of September, which highlights the importance of looking after your heart health.  Bundaberg Cardiologist, Dr Andre Conradie said fighting against heart disease is an important cause as it is the single leading cause of death in Australia. Each day, an average of 21 Australians die from a heart attack. One patient is admitted to an Australian hospital with a heart attack every nine minutes*. Part of managing Heart Disease is knowingMore
Emergency Department turns 2

2 Year Milestone for Emergency Department

More than 17,000 patients have sought treatment at The Friendlies Emergency Department since it opened two years ago on 25th September 2018. Celebrating its second milestone, Friendly Society Private Hospital CEO Alan Cooper said patient numbers to the emergency department continue to show the community support for the service. “We have worked hard to deliver specialist emergency care during times when people need it most, all while offering minimal wait times. Currently, our average waiting time is sitting at aboutMore

Friendly Flyer at your service

NEED A LIFT? The Friendly Flyer Patient Transport Vehicle can assist you with a lift to and from your car to any Hospital Entrance or to The Friendlies Medical Suites. FACTS ABOUT THE FLYER (FAQs) – Operated by Volunteers who have completed appropriate training – Currently operating between 8.30am and 3pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) – Travel is only within the designated route – The flyer needs to stay within the Hospital boundaries, if you have parked outMore