Use Less Is More adage to keep health on track

Struggling to stay on track with your health goals? Or need a simple way to keep you motivated? Friendlies Physiotherapy Service has some great tips to do just that. Unhealthy habits are simply habits and can be re-trained and broken with determination and intention. It’s a time to look at things differently and resolve to do things differently. Why should we do this? According to health statistics, Australians are just not up to scratch when it comes to healthy habitsMore

Red Feb for Heart Research Australia

February is Red Feb, an awareness month for heart health and Heart Research Australia. Heart Research Australia list four simple steps, or the four ‘M’ approach, to a healthy heart. Move. Keep moving at any age and at any level of fitness. Meals. Eat intelligently by improving your nutrition knowledge. Measurement. Keep Track of your health Measurements. This includes cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, sugar levels, and waist circumference and exercise capacity. Mental approach. Stay optimistic! Studies show state of mindMore

Friendly Society Pharmacy throws support behind Royal Flying Doctor Service

The Friendly Society Pharmacy has assisted the Royal Flying Doctor Service Bundaberg Base to make sure it’s medical teams have access to vital medications needed to treat their patients. The Royal Flying Doctor Service requires a supply of certain medications on board to treat patients while in the air. These medications include emergency drugs, pain relief, antibiotics, cardiac and obstetric drugs to name just a few. Friendly Society Pharmacy head pharmacist Andrew Monk said when he discovered the RFDS wereMore

How pharmacists can help you better your health

The last in our Healthy New Year series, Friendly Society Pharmacy head pharmacist Andrew Monk has some advice for those wanting to get healthier or break a habit in the New Year. There are so many ways your pharmacist can help you get your health on track anytime, not just in the new year. We can give you advice and help with weight loss with plans like Vita Diet. We also have a range of products to help you quitMore
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