Become a Flu Fighter this winter

Friendly Society Pharmacist Jason Vizgoft shares some great tips to stay healthy this winter. Winter is often given a bad name as it often brings with it the dreaded cold and flu season with snuffling noses, headaches, coughs, aches and pains – and that’s just to name a few of the symptoms. With its cold dark mornings, there is a tendency to stay indoors where it is warm, becoming less active and eating more high-fat comfort foods during the winter.More

$1000 donation for new oncology chair tray arms

Oncology patients will rest a bit easier in the Friendlies Day Oncology Unit, thanks to the generous donation of Bundaberg and District Cancer Support Group for Men and Women. The group, which offers support and friendship to people dealing with cancer, and their families, have donated $1100 to The Friendlies Foundation, which will be used to buy five tray arms to attach to the day oncology chairs. The Friendlies Foundation public relations officer Fiona Macaulay said the hospital would beMore

Men at work in nursing profession

As a male nurse, being mistaken for a doctor or a physio has often been just part of the job for Friendly Society Private Hospital nurse unit manager Gerard Sorbello. Mr Sorbello said when he first began his career in nursing 14 years ago, male nurses were definitely a minority, but something he is happy to see changing over recent years. “People’s attitudes to what a nurse is are changing, as those comments don’t happen as much as they usedMore
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