Spotlight on Women’s Health

Our new Gynaecologist, Dr Julienne Wickham, discusses some of the scientific advances in Women’s Health from a recent “World Congress” of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists:- “Increasing importance is being placed on healthy ageing after menopause, and naturally this includes sexual health. It is only in recent times that women have lived for many years after menopause. Whilst this is surely a good thing, the prolonged time we now live with low oestrogen levels means many women will notice changes in healthMore

Technology Helping Our Patients

The Friendly Society Private Hospital is leading the way in Anaesthesia Technology with the recent installation of The Perseus A500 Anaesthetic machine. It features a State-of-the- Art ventilator, is easy to prepare and maintain for both Anaesthetists and theatre staff. This investment in technology and equipment brings advantages to not only Anaesthetists but most certainly to our patients, some of the advantages include: High quality care due to ventilator accuracy in the delivery of anaesthetic agents and oxygen The abilityMore

Friendly Society Awards Evening 2015 Recipients

It was a night of reflection, recognition and celebration. On Friday 13th March the Friendlies celebrated their second annual awards evening at the Shalom Performing Arts Centre. What a night! 180 people came together to hear inspiring guest speaker Carren Smith and after much anticipation discover who this year’s award winners were. There were some surprises, Hospital CEO Mr Alan Cooper, who is always across everything, was awarded with a Chairman’s Award for his 18 years of service and retiringMore

Friendly Life issue 31 – Read Online!

Read about: Friendlies Annual Awards night; New staff; A magnificent contributions to local healthcare; Boost to female health service; and Healthy at home.