The Friendlies welcomes volunteer coordinator Wendy Walters

Wendy Walters has been welcomed to the team as the volunteer coordinator, overseeing the Friends of the Friendlies volunteers. Wendy hails from Perth, WA, where she has spent the past 20 years managing volunteers and volunteer programs in organisations which have included UnitingCare West, Australian Red Cross, Cancer Council and Asthma Foundation. Wendy said she was overjoyed to be back working with volunteers and was keen to expand the program at the Friendlies. “Volunteers are such a valuable asset inMore

Macho Moustache Men battle to the end

It wasn’t enough for our Movember entrants, the Friendlies Macho Moustache Men, to grow their mo’s, challenge their own fitness and raise much needed funds for men’s health – they also had to make a competition out of it. At the beginning of the month, the Macho Men took part in a health and fitness check with the aim of improving by the end of the campaign. To give themselves added motivation, the Macho Men split into two teams – RedMore

St Luke’s students bring smiles with handmade cards

Year 8 Students from St Luke’s Anglican School were helping to put smiles on the faces of the Friendlies patients on Thursday. The students worked hard to produce a number of handmade Get Well, Thinking Of Your and Christmas cards, which included messages of support and inspiration. The 27 students took the time to visit the hospital to deliver the cards personally to a number of patients across all units of the Friendlies. While they were here, the class andMore

Antibiotic Awareness Week about preserving effectiveness

Antibiotics don’t treat colds and flu – that is the main message from a global campaign during Antibiotic Awareness Week from November 16 to 22.  Friendly Society Pharmacy head pharmacist Andrew Monk said antibiotic resistance was a growing problem that everyone needed to be aware of.  “Antibiotic resistance happens when inappropriate use of antibiotics makes them ineffective against some bacteria. It means that some infections may be impossible to treat,” Mr Monk said. “The aim of Antibiotic Awareness Week isMore