You will be given an anaesthetic when you have surgery, this will put you to sleep so that you don’t feel pain during your operation. There are different types of anaesthesia and the type you receive will depend on the type of surgery or procedure you are having and how long it will take. When your surgery or procedure is finished, you will be moved to a special recovery area where our trained experts will monitor your condition as you wake from the anaesthetic.


The Friendlies anaesthetic services are provided by Wide Bay Anaesthesia Specialists, both practices are located on-site at the hospital. Wide Bay Anaesthesia Specialists is comprised of Dr Jon Joiner, Dr David Merefield, Dr Robert Edwards, Dr Julia Groves, Dr Piotr Konopka, Dr Anna-Louis Reyneke, Dr Benjamin Lincoln, Dr Chris Thomas, Dr David Schapiro and Dr Joseph Tobias.


The Wide Bay Anaesthesia Specialists are located in The Friendlies Medical Suites.

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