General Medicine


The Physicians in General Medicine (also known as Internal Medicine) are specialists who manage all aspects of an adult patient’s general health care. Our general medicine includes: Care for patients with undefined symptoms, coordination of care from surgeons and other specialised care providers at The Friendlies, preventive medicine screening care (mammograms, Pap smears, routine colon cancer screening evaluations, cholesterol screening, blood pressure screening, etc.) and collaborative care of patients with chronic medical illnesses (high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, emphysema, etc.) throughout the various stages of their illness.


Dr Gareth Hart and Dr Henry Wamala are physicians at The Friendlies.

Dr Martin Strahan and Dr Upjeet Bambery also perform procedures at The Friendlies.


Dr Hart consults from Level 1 of The Friendlies Medical Suites on Crofton Street.
Dr Henry Wamala consults from Level 3 of The Friendlies Medical Suites on Crofton Street.
Dr Strahan and Dr Upjeet Bambery consult from the Wide Bay Private Day Hospital.

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