Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Bundaberg

In partnership with Pacific Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery covers a wide range of different surgical procedures that repair, reconstruct or replace structures in many parts of the body including the skin, face and head, hands, breast and stomach.

The Friendlies works in partnership with Pacific Plastic Surgery to offer a broad range of plastic and cosmetic surgery to the community.

Plastic surgery can generally be divided into two main types: reconstructive surgery and aesthetic or cosmetic surgery.

Reconstructive surgery corrects or restores areas of the body after an accident, injury, other surgery, skin cancer or due to birth defects.

Cosmetic surgery or aesthetic surgery is typically performed with the goal to improve the appearance of an otherwise healthy individual.

Dr James Gaffield – leading cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon

Leading Surgeon Dr James Gaffield of Pacific Plastic Surgery performs this cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery at The Friendlies.

Many patients come from interstate to Bundaberg to undergo cosmetic surgery with Dr Gaffield at The Friendlies.

Bundaberg Plastic Surgery services

Dr Gaffield offers a wide range of plastic and cosmetic surgery services including:

  • Facelift, lip augmentation, neck lift, cleft palate surgery, otoplasty and rhinoplasty.
  • Breast augmentation, breast reconstruction, breast lift or breast reduction.
  • Abdominoplasty, body lift surgery and liposuction.

Where to find Pacific Plastic Surgery

Pacific Plastic Surgery is located at the Friendlies in stunning consulting suites on the Ground Floor. Entry to the Pacific Plastic Surgery practice is best accessed via the Woondooma Street Entrance of the hospital.

Dr Gaffield’s clinic can be contacted on 4153 0795.

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