Cardiology services


At The Friendlies, we provide comprehensive and integrated cardiology care that includes diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical services. Our state of the art equipment and top-ranked team of cardiologists allows for the complete management of all acute cardiac emergencies including heart attacks, angioplasty and pacemaker procedures, rhythm monitoring and full haemodynamic pressure monitoring.

The Friendly Society Private Hospital’s Cardiac Investigations Unit means early diagnosis and intervention for patients who experience a cardiac episode, significantly improving their health outcomes. This field of medicine is supported by our Coronary Care Unit and Cardiac Step Down Unit.  


Bundaberg Cardiology led by Dr Andre Conradie, Dr Hermann Wittmer, Dr David Di Fiore, Dr David Grout and Dr Ahmad Zakariyya provides patients with specialist treatment when confronted with a cardiac condition or complaint.


Bundaberg Cardiology is located on level 1 of the Friendly Society Private Hospital, accessed via Lift A  (click here to locate)

Cardiology procedures are performed in our state of the art Cardiac Cath Lab, referred to as the Cardiac Investigations Unit, also on Level 1, Cardiology patients are to present to the Cardiac Investigations Unit Reception on the date of their admission.

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